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They Say "Learning Russian is Hard" - But That's Simply Not True...

{ Alexei (left), Nikita (middle), Andrei (right) - Beriozkini; Red Square, Moscow circa 2010 }

Now Anyone Can Learn Russian Really Really Fast! (new method revealed)

Hi everyone, my name is Nikita Beriozkin. If you don't know me, I'm half Russian/ half American, and I'm the owner of StraightOuttaRussia.com. We have over 50,000 amazing fans on our Fanpage, 1000's of happy customers worldwide, - I speak Russian and English fluently.

- I Was Super Lucky!

You see, I grew up in Moscow and went to a Soviet school up through the 4th grade. Then, after my parents' divorce, we moved to the U.S. My mother, is American, my father, (Andrei) is Russian, and I grew up speaking both languages.My little brother Alexei, (Алеша) wasn't so lucky; he left Russia before he learned how to speak, and in our new environment, English was spoken almost exclusively...

- A Devastating Turn of Events:

Алеша, sadlygrew up feeling frustrated that while my sister and I were able to speak the mother tongue, he couldn't participate. It was worst of all when we visited our relatives in Russia: he felt completely out of place, even though he really wanted to join in all the dialogue and activities.

He really loved the Russian culture and the food, and, of course, his Russian family, but he always felt some slight resentment that we could all speak Russian, and he couldn't.


{ Nikita (left), Alexi (middle), Roman (right) ; Tarusa, Russia 2012 }

He tried very hard. He got self-teaching guides when he was in high school. He took some intro Russian language classes in college, and made some progress, but never to the point of being able to have actual conversations.

The academic setting for learning Russian… is actually very difficult. In this regard, the statement "Learning Russian is Hard" is very true - but it doesn't have to be!

He also tried a few of the online learning apps such as Rosetta Stone and Babel, and while he did learn more vocabulary, he still struggled considerably with the ability to actually converse (the most important part!)


That's All Different Now!


Alexei,recently started using a revolutionary new teaching method for learning Russian. It's called Rocket Russian!

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Alexei, has been with the program for just over two months, and we are already having interesting discussions, completely in Russian! I actually can't believe it. It's like a dream come true for our family, and I am so unbelievably proud of him.

My brother, is over the moon with his accomplishment, and our father, is beyond words with joy!


All of this was only made possible by Rocket Russian. They have my complete respect and full endorsement. I highly recommend this program to anyone at any stage of their Russian learning journey.

Just imagine, how after years of trying to find a way to learn Russian quickly, finally there is a program that not only works, it's also super affordable and fun to use!

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